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Fall I


16 meters high scaffolding towers, real size mesh puppets, jugglers, actors and other flying things.

This installation at the Scherover Theatre plaza came to life every evening, turning into a vertical stage for an aerial performance, with a beginning and an end and almost a plot. On the towers and the space between them, half abstract mannequins and live figures climbed up and down and sometimes fell, in a perpetual struggle between the wish to spread their wings and be freed from gravity and other chains and the acknowledgement of the inevitability of the fall and its unavoidable consequences.    

LOCATION: Jerusalem

PROGRAMME: Performance

CLIENT: Jerusalem Municipality

YEAR: 1990​​

PHOTOGRAPHY: Morel Drepler

Scaffoldings' theatre, Israel Festival, Jerusalem,1990

This little cartoon by Maoz was our starting point:

Everyone falls, as nature would have it, and there is no savior. Some accept it placidly, some find an escape in benign day to day life, some try desperately to grow wings while others lose all hope and jump. Climbing steel towers and sliding down wire cables is sometimes the way we forget our own fall. Come on and watch us and you'll forget yours... for a while.

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120 chairs, cables and Hanging accessories, an existing wall

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