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House T2



PROGRAMME: Residental

CLIENT: Private

YEAR: 2016





PHOTOGRAPHY: Yaeli Gavrieli

An environmentally friendly house for a family in rural north.
The house is built around a semi closed inner court with stairs leading to the roof overlooking the adjacent “Monkeys’ wood”.
The external thick walls, acting as climate moderators, provide ample space for niches, built in shelves and closets and windows’ alcoves which help soften the penetrating light and enrich the house with sit-in places.  
Natural stucco and local stone finishes.
The typical Mediterranean patio marks a way of life, with an accent on outdoor social and family interaction, leaning on the pleasant climate throughout the year. It provides a protected outdoor living area, where people spend much of their days together. Ideally, these areas are very connected to the inside of the home, extending the living space, and creating ambiguous spaces, in between indoor and outdoor. But at the same time, it is a most efficient device for climatic moderation, a large heat pump that assures a light breeze in the indoor spaces around it.
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