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House T3 



PROGRAMME: Residential

CLIENT: Private

YEAR: 2017


PHOTOGRAPHY: Yaeli Gavrieli

Arranged around a spacious entrance court, this family house follows the local traditional pattern of the Israelite House, also named The Four Wings House, with its viable environmental and social reasons. 
A massive exterior stairway climbs from the court to the roof, offering a view to the Haifa Bay area and adding to the spatial liveliness of the court.
Natural stucco and local stone finishes.

The walls surrounding the court are double-skinned, creating an in-between sheltered space with a rich play of light and shade.

Walls can be much more than thin partitions between functions or between in and out. They hold a variety of places: niches, benches, shelves, built-in cupboards, stairways and more, and they reflect their passive abundance on their immediate surroundings. 
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