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Cafe Tav

PERFORMANCE, Yearly Since 1999

LOCATION: In the northern part of Ben Hinom Balley, between the Sultan's Pool and Teddy Park in Jerusalem

PROGRAMME: Performance

CLIENT: "Hotzot Ha-Yotzer" fair -The international festival of art and creativity

YEAR: Every year since 1999


Café Tav is a continuation of the series of performances by the Tav Group and serves as both a framework and content for intercultural dialogue and direct interaction with the audience.

The work touches contrasts, which are indeed different aspects of one whole: the whole and its parts, the grave and the amusing, sacred and worldly, arbitrary and ordered, body and soul.

Tav group welcomes the audience to its wandering courtyard, where a multidimensional Café offers a menu for body and soul: coffee and pastries, a monologue, pita with olive oil, piquat cheese, a Gypsy melody and a glass of wine, bonfire, a tightrope walker, balancing yoga session, coffee grounds fortune telling, advice for times of need, or matchmaking for dessert. The audience is the actor, the menu is the script, and life is the play.

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