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House on Mount Carmel



PROGRAMME: Residential

CLIENT: Private

YEAR: 2017


PHOTOGRAPHY: Ofi Erez, Noa Levi

This house in Daliat El Carmel, on one of the highest peaks of Mount Carmel, opens to a vast panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea to the west. It is carefully tailored to the dramatic topography of the site, with each wing of the house referring to a corresponding terrace. The house incorporates traditional long proven local patterns, such as the courtyard, the stairs to the flat roof and the mashrabiya. 
Much of the daily life in the Druze Village happens outdoors, in keeping with local custom and due to the pleasant climate throughout most of the year. The house is not taken as an enclosed, confined space, but rather a porous organism that generously stretches its limbs to the land around it, creating a variety of indoor-outdoor relations and extending the living space beyond its walls, generating ambiguous spaces, between indoor and outdoor. The introduction of double skin outer envelopes further enriches the living conditions, while offering protection from the harsh summer sun and moderating the high hill winds.

A preliminary sketch

A set of steps glides from the terraced roof down to the patio, and through a crevice between the masses sneaks out to the backyard.

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