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Meyerhoff art center

PUBLIC, 1996

LOCATION: Tel-Aviv museum

PROGRAMME: Art center

CLIENT: Tel-Aviv municipality

YEAR: 2016​

FLOOR AREA: 1,200 m2

PHOTOGRAPHY: Yaeli Gavrieli

Architectural design of the Art Education Center of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

8 Dubnov Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1994-1996

The facade opens to the southern courtyard in a sort of vertical stage of permanent scaffolding, as a second skin, offering balconies to perform on, thus projecting to the town the artistic happening that takes place within the walls of the institution. The interior space behind it binds the floors together, breaks the monotony of the corridors and provides a place to display works on the ground floor. Narrow windows in the rhythm of the existing columns, every 2.40 m, let in filtered light and leave between them fields for displaying works.

A set of steps glides from the terraced roof down to the patio, and through a crevice between the masses sneaks out to the backyard.

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