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Hecht Museum

PUBLIC, 1993

LOCATION: Haifa University, Israel


CLIENT: Haifa University 

YEAR: 1993

FLOOR AREA: 1,200 m2

PHOTOGRAPHY: Yaeli Gavrieli

The Hecht Museum at the University of Haifa

Phoenicians on the Northern Coast of Israel in the Biblical Period

An Archaeological Exhibition, The Hecht Museum at the Haifa university, April 1993


Glass display cases mounted on of original courses of sandstone from the excavation site in Caesarea. The floor is paved with seashells and potsherds which, when walked upon, invoke the sensations and sounds of the seashore.

A set of steps glides from the terraced roof down to the patio, and through a crevice between the masses sneaks out to the backyard.

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The ancient crafts exhibition hall

The hall functions as a square and a focal point of the museum. It is paved with an original 1,500-year-old mosaic work, from an ancient synagogue in Beth-Shean, with a glass bridge flying over it.

Around the square, exhibits of ancient crafts and industries of the land of Israel are displayed: stone vessel industry, glassmaking, woodwork, Metalwork, medicine and the art of writing.

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