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House in upper Galilee 


LOCATION: Harashim

PROGRAMME: Residential

CLIENT: Private

YEAR: 2008

FLOOR AREA: 168 m2

PHOTOGRAPHY: Tav Group, Inbal & Noam Luzia

On the rainiest spot in Israel, on a north facing hillslope and amidst a bush of oak and arbutus trees, we allowed ourselves to deviate from our declared preference of the inner courtyard pattern, and designed a more condense house, with the family area around the hearth at its heart. This space is three steps lower than the other spaces around it, allowing for a natural flow of activity into it and accenting its function as the public arena of the house.  

As the site inclines northwards, with its access on the south, we've formed a little south facing court on the occasion of entrance, by folding the house wings on itself, with steps to the roof (where a future extension is to be added) emerging from it and wrapping around the corner of the house.

The thick external walls are  double layered with an insulating cavity in between.

Built elements, such as niches, shelves, cupboards and benches, add to the thermal mass, as well as to the coziness of the space.   

A set of steps glides from the terraced roof down to the patio, and through a crevice between the masses sneaks out to the backyard.

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